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Intergenerational family relations and sexual risk behavior in young women.

PURPOSE: To more fully understand the associations between family variables and sexual behavior of young women. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: Forty-two female clients of an urban youth agency (16 to 25 years of age) were interviewed about intergenerational stories and contact with extended families. Individuation was measured by self-report using the intergenerational individuation subscale of the Personal Authority in the Family System Questionnaire. Self-report questions were used to gain information about the young women's sexual risk behavior. Data were analyzed using Pearson correlation, independent t-tests, and multiple regression. Family stories were analyzed for themes of resilience or vulnerability. RESULTS: Young women who perceived their connection with previous generations in a resilient light tended to be more individuated and report less risky sexual behaviors. CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS: These results may give direction in the design of family interventions for reducing sexual risk taking and enhancing positive health behavior. Interventions would include promoting a healthy degree of attachment between adolescents and their families, exploration of family of origin issues, and referral for more intensive services when needed.[1]


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