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Health Behavior

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  • Levels of IL-6 and health behaviors associated with IL-6 were measured across 6 years [11].
  • CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest that early renal function decline is 3 times more likely to develop in blacks than whites and that potentially modifiable factors, including lower socioeconomic status, suboptimal health behaviors, and suboptimal control of glucose level and blood pressure, account for more than 80% of this disparity [12].
  • To determine trends in the detection and treatment of elevated cholesterol, a series of studies known as the Minnesota Heart Survey evaluated cardiovascular disease, risk, and health behavior among adults in the upper Midwest between 1980 and 1992 [13].
  • Associations of plasma isoflavone concentrations with other dietary behaviors suggest that these compounds may serve as biomarkers of health behaviors in populations with low soy consumption [14].
  • Among the women, greater cortisol excretion was associated with poorer baseline memory performance, independent of socio-demographic, health status, health behavior, and psychosocial characteristics [15].

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  • Furthermore, men who found meaning showed less rapid declines in CD4 T cell levels and lower rates of AIDS-related mortality (all ps < .05), independent of health status at baseline, health behaviors, and other potential confounds [22].

Gene context of Health Behavior

  • However, many ICA+ individuals report initiating lifestyle or health behavior changes in an effort to delay or prevent IDDM onset [23].
  • RESULTS: Foreign-born Black men were in better overall health than their US-born Black counterparts and were much less likely than either US-born Black or White men to report adverse health behaviors [24].
  • Theory (SLT), which addresses both the psychosocial dynamics underlying health behavior and the methods of promoting behavior change, while emphasizing cognitive processes and their effect on behavior [25].
  • CONCLUSION: These data provide initial support for the positive effects of wellness interventions to improve health behaviors and selected dimensions of QOL for women with MS [4].
  • RESULTS: Elevated CRP levels were associated with disability in IADL, LSA, LEM, and GPA, independent of basic demographics, chronic medical diseases, health behaviors, as well as nutritional markers [26].


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