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Collaborative effects of Photobacterium CuZn superoxide dismutase (SODs) and human AP endonuclease in DNA repair and SOD-deficient Escherichia coli under oxidative stress.

The defenses against free radical damage include specialized repair enzymes that correct oxidative damage in DNA and detoxification systems such as superoxide dismutases (SODs). These defenses may be coordinated genetically as global responses. We hypothesized that the expression of SOD and DNA repair genes would inhibit DNA damage under oxidative stress. Therefore, protection of Escherichia coli mutants deficient in SOD and DNA repair genes (sod-, xth-, and nfo-) was demonstrated by transforming the mutant strain with a plasmid pYK9 that encoded Photobacterium leiognathi CuZnSOD and human AP endonuclease. The results show that survival rates were increased in sod+ xth- nfo+ cells compared with sod- xth- ape-, sod- xth- ape-, and sod+ xth- ape- cells under oxidative stress generated with 0.1 mM paraquat or 3 mM H2O2. The data suggest that, at the least, SOD and DNA repair enzymes may collaborate on protection and repair of damaged DNA. Additionally, both enzymes are required for protection against free radicals.[1]


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