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Comparative analysis of two slc11 (Nramp) loci in Takifugu rubripes.

To study the evolution of the solute carrier family 11 (slc11; formerly Nramp) protein, we isolated and characterized two paralogs from the pufferfish Takifugu rubripes (Fugu). These teleost genes, designated Fugu slc11a-a and Fugu slc11a-b, comprise open reading frames of 1743 nucleotides (581 amino acids) and 1662 nt (554 aa), respectively. The proteins are 81% similar, and both exhibit signature features of the slc11 family of proteins including 12 transmembrane domains, a conserved transport motif and a glycosylated loop. Both Fugu paralogs are more Slc11a2-like based on sequence homology and phylogenetic studies. Analysis of gene environment placed both in the proximity of multiple loci syntenic to human chromosome 12q13, that is, within a SLC11A2 gene environment. However, Fugu slc11a-a also gave one match with chromosome 2q35, where human SLC11A1 resides. Functional diversification was suggested by differences in tissue distribution and subcellular localization. Fugu slc11a-a exhibits a restricted expression profile and a complex subcellular localization, including LAMP1 positive late endosomes/lysosomes in transiently transfected mouse macrophages. Fugu slc11a-b is expressed ubiquitously and localizes solely to late endosomes/lysosomes. This comparative analysis extends our understanding of the evolution and function of this important family of divalent cation transporters. [Sequence data from this article have been deposited with the EMBL/GenBank Data Libraries under accession nos. AJ496547/8/9 and AJ496550.][1]


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