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The genetic basis of spondyloarthritis.

Spondyloarthritis tends to cluster in families and, to a great extent, is associated with human leukocyte antigen (HLA) B27. In fact, the population frequency of spondyloarthritis in most groups is proportional to that of HLA-B27. But the frequency of HLA-B27 in the population-at-large far exceeds that of spondyloarthritis, suggesting other genetic factors also are operative. Other major histocompatibility complex genes have been implicated, especially HLA-DR, though linkage to HLA-B27 confounds the analysis of this in many studies. Genome-wide scans have implicated regions on chromosomes 2q, 6p, 6q, 10q, 11q, 16q, 17q, and 19q in ankylosing spondylitis, on 4, 6p, and 17q in psoriasis, and on 7q and 16q in inflammatory bowel disease. The search for non-major histocompatibility complex candidate genes has been complicated by inadequate power, because of the small effect they exert on overall disease susceptibility, although recent studies are revealing promising candidates that must be confirmed by other groups.[1]


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