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Renin activity and angiotensin I concentration in genetically selective inbred line of hypertensive mice.

Blood pressure lowering kallikrein-kinin and blood pressure raising renin-angiotensin systems play a major role in the maintenance of normal blood pressure. In a previous study, we have shown that a kallikrein-like prorenin converting enzyme (PRCE C) is elevated in the submandibular gland tissue of a mouse line (BPH) that was genetically selected and inbred for high blood pressure in comparison to normotensive line (BPN) that was derived from the ancestors of BPH line. In the present investigation we wanted to find out if elevated levels of PRCE C were involved in the modulation of tissue (local) renin-angiotensin system in the submandibular gland tissue. Results indicate significantly high renin activity but low angiotensin I level in the tissue of BPH mouse model. These results tend to suggest PRCE C's involvement in tissue (local) renin-angiotensin system.[1]


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