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Macular coloboma in siblings affected by different phenotypes of retinitis pigmentosa.

Purpose To report the clinical association between macular coloboma (early-onset macular dystrophies/atrophic changes) and different phenotypes of retinitis pigmentosa (RP).Methods Three young-adult siblings, two males and one female, were retrospectively studied. These patients underwent two complete ophthalmologic examinations (27-month follow-up), including orthoptic evaluation, colour vision test, visual field, corneal topography, electronystagmography, fluorescein angiography, and electroretinography. Eye check, automated visual field test, and complete electroretinographic study were also conducted on other asymptomatic members of the same family.Results All symptomatic siblings were affected by manifest congenital nystagmus, poor visual acuity, and progressive visual field impairment in both eyes, bilaterally presenting macular coloboma associated with three different RP patterns: classic RP; mild dystrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium, associated with subnormal electroretinographic findings (subclinical form of RP); and sector RP. The ophthalmologic reports regarding their deceased father documented that he had suffered from the same alterations of ocular movements and visual performances diagnosing, in both eyes, extensive atrophic changes of the macular area completely surrounded by pigmented bone spicules ( RP-type tapeto-retinal dystrophy). The other investigated relatives did not show any specific and/or significant ocular disorder.Conclusions In these three adult members of the same family, the concomitance between macular coloboma and different intrafamilial RP phenotypes is described. This association represents an autosomal dominant clinical entity, hitherto observed only in non familial sporadic cases.Eye (2004) 18, 421-428. doi:10.1038/sj.eye.6700689[1]


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