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Excitatory action of prostanoids on the ferret isolated vagus nerve preparation.

We have investigated the actions of various prostanoid receptor agonists on an isolated preparation of the ferret cervical vagus using a grease-gap extracellular recording technique. The potency ranking for depolarization was BW245C (5-(6-carboxyhexyl)-1-(3-cyclohexyl-3-hydroxypropyl) hydantoin; DP-selective, EC50=0.14 microM)>prostaglandin E2 (nonselective EP agonist)>U-46619 (11alpha, 9alpha-epoxymethano-15S-hydroxyprosta-5Z,13E-dienoic acid; TP agonist)>prostaglandin F2alpha (FP receptor agonist). Sulprostone (EP1/EP3-selective), fluprostenol (FP-selective) and cicaprost and iloprost (both IP-selective) had minimal effects. It is likely that DP, EP2/EP4 and TP receptors are present on the vagal fibres of the ferret.[1]


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