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Direct optical biosensor analysis of folate-binding protein in milk.

An automated, rapid, sensitive, and label-free biosensor-based assay for folate-binding protein ( FBP) in bovine milk utilizing surface plasmon resonance optical detection is described. The active concentration of FBP is estimated from its specific interaction with a pteroyl-l-glutamic (folic) acid derivative immobilized on the sensor surface in a direct binding assay format. Milk, colostrum, and milk powders are prepared for analysis by dilution into buffer. Analysis conditions, including ligand immobilization, flow rate, contact time, and regeneration, have been defined, and nonspecific binding considerations were evaluated. Performance parameters include a working range for FBP in buffer of 0-200 ng/mL, a method detection limit of 0.13 microg/mL in fluid milk, overall instrument response RSD(R) of 0.64%, a mean interassay RSD(R) of 7.3% for skim milk powder, and surface stability over ca. 200 samples. The technique was applied to the measurement of active FBP content of consumer milks, the heat classification of skim milk powders manufactured under a wide range of thermal processing protocols, and change during early bovine lactation.[1]


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