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Gene Review

FBP1  -  fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase 1

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of FBP


High impact information on FBP


Biological context of FBP

  • In this report we describe a novel finding that the 104 kDa chaperone protein exhibits affinity for iron containing proteins such as transferrins from several species, human lactoferrin and microbial ferric binding protein (FBP) [8].
  • Stabilization of milk folates may be a role of FBP and would improve the bioavailability of milk folate to newborns and other consumers [9].
  • Native state FBP recently has been shown to enhance the intestinal absorption of folacin, whereas the FBP of pasteurized milk is ineffective [10].
  • The technique was applied to the measurement of active FBP content of consumer milks, the heat classification of skim milk powders manufactured under a wide range of thermal processing protocols, and change during early bovine lactation [11].
  • The amide I region pointed to a beta-sheet to alpha-helix transition upon ligation in acetate and phosphate buffers, and the formation of intermolecular beta-sheet was indicated at pH 5.0, in agreement with a dimerization of FBP taking place at this pH [12].

Anatomical context of FBP


Associations of FBP with chemical compounds


Other interactions of FBP


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of FBP

  • Folate binding protein was purified from cow's milk by a combination of cation exchange chromatography and methotrexate-AH-sepharose affinity chromatography [16].
  • Anion-exchange chromatography indicated no major electrostatic differences in the FBP of these products, although gel-filtration chromatography provided evidence of enhanced FBP aggregation in the pasteurized whey protein concentrate [10].
  • The HPLC and sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) results indicate the formation of three complexes after the binding of G5.75Ac-FA4 with FBP [20].
  • We used rabbit anti-bovine milk antibody and ELISA to measure FBP [21].
  • A longitudinal study will determine if these changes in FBP concentrations precede tumor onset [21].


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