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The replicative regulator protein geminin on chromatin in the HeLa cell cycle.

Geminin is believed to have a major function in the regulation of genome replication and cell proliferation. Published evidence shows that geminin specifically interacts with Cdt1 to block its function in the assembly of prereplication complexes. However, in proliferating HeLa cells geminin and Cdt1 are co-expressed during a relatively short time at the G(1)-to-S phase transition. Under these conditions, nearly all Cdt1 and a major part of geminin are bound to chromatin and reside at the same or closely adjacent sites as shown here by chromatin immunoprecipitation. Cdt1 is rapidly degraded early in S phase, but geminin remains bound to the chromatin sites. One function that chromatin-bound geminin could perform is to prevent access to Cdt1 that may escape S phase-dependent degradation or is synthesized in excess. Indeed, Cdt1 continues to be synthesized in HeLa cells in S phase but never accumulates because of the efficient degradation. Therefore, geminin can be eliminated by RNA interference without detectable effects on cell cycle parameters.[1]


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