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Enhanced secretion of cell wall bound enolase into culture medium by the soo1-1 mutation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

In order to identify the protein(s) secreted into culture medium by the soo1-1/ret1-1 mutation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, proteins from the culture medium of cells grown at permissive (28 degrees C) and non-permissive temperatures (37 degrees C), were analyzed. Comparison of protein bands separated by SDS-PAGE identified a prominent band of 47-kDa band from a mutant grown at 37 degrees C. N-terminal amino acid sequencing of this 47-kDa protein showed high identity with enolases 1 and 2. Western blot analysis revealed that most of the cell wall-bound enolase was released into the culture medium of the mutant grown at 37 degrees C, some of which were separated as those with lower molecular weights. Our results, presented here, indicate the impairment of cell wall enolase biogenesis and assembly by the soo1-1/ret1-1 mutation of S. cerevisiae.[1]


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