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Atypical hypoplastic left ventricular syndrome in a calf.

An 8-day-old male Angus calf was presented to the University of Illinois, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Urbana, IL, for lethargy, weakness, and poor suckle reflex. Clinical evaluation revealed a strong left-sided heart murmur and a split S2 sound. The calf died within 48 hours. Necropsy revealed a combination of the following cardiac defects: left ventricular hypoplasia, high ventricular septal defect, left auricular atresia with mitral valve aplasia, patent foramen ovale, patent ductus arteriosus, and pulmonary trunk atresia. Mild suppurative pneumonia with pulmonary edema and congestion were also present. This combination of defects appears to be similar to the hypoplastic left heart syndrome in humans and is reported here for the first time in cattle.[1]


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