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In vitro effects of local anaesthetics on the thromboelastographic profile of parturients.

BACKGROUND: Post-dural puncture headache can be an incapacitating complication of obstetric epidural analgesia/anaesthesia and early or prophylactic epidural blood patch (EBP) is one of the treatment options. Although local anaesthetic (LA) agents have been shown to have anticoagulation effects in vitro, peri-partum women are known to be hypercoagulable. We postulated that the presence of residual LA might not result in impaired haemostasis of the EBP in parturients. METHODS: Blood samples from 10 healthy term parturients were subjected to thromboelastography after the addition of four different LA (lidocaine, bupivacaine, levobupivacaine, and ropivacaine) preparations. RESULTS: There was a significant reduction in reaction (R) and coagulation (K) time (P<0.001, P<0.05) and an increase in alpha degrees angle (P<0.01) when comparing undiluted blood with the saline control group. Maximum amplitude (MA) and clot lysis (Ly30) did not change significantly despite the 50% dilution. The thromboelastographic parameters of all four LA-treated groups were no different from their saline controls and from each other. CONCLUSION: At clinical dosages, LA did not cause any hypocoagulable changes on the thromboelastographic profile of healthy parturients.[1]


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