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Cloning and characterization of chicken adipocyte fatty acid binding protein gene.

Fatty acid binding proteins (FABPs) are members of a superfamily of lipid-binding proteins and occur intracellularly in vertebrates and invertebrates. This study was designed to clone and characterize the adipocyte fatty acid binding protein ( A-FABP) gene in the chicken. PCR primers were designed according to mammalian A-FABP gene sequence to amplify partial cDNA of A-FABP gene from chicken adipose tissues, and the full length of the gene was cloned by 5'RACE and 3'RACE. Analysis of sequence showed that the cDNA of the chicken A-FABP gene was 74 and 73% homologous with porcine and human A-FABP gene, respectively. The similarity was 77, 28, and 23% at the predicted amino acid level with human A-FABP, human L-FABP, and human I-FABP, respectively. RT-PCR and Northern blot analysis indicated that the chicken A-FABP gene, similar to that of the mammal, is only expressed in fat tissues. This is the first report to identify and characterize A-FABP gene in the chicken.[1]


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