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Effect of dantrolene sodium on contractility of isolated human uterine muscle.

The administration of intravenous dantrolene in a parturient susceptible to malignant hyperthermia has been associated with post partum uterine atony. We examined the effect of dantrolene sodium for injection (Dantrium Intravenous) on spontaneous contractility of uterine smooth muscle from women in term pregnancy in an isolated preparation. Dantrolene sodium for injection at 5 microg/ml and 10 microg/ml had no effect on the spontaneous contractility of the uterine muscle preparations. At a cumulative concentration of 20 microg/ml, a mild depression (16 +/- 14%) in the frequency of spontaneous contractions was noted. However, a similar depression in the muscle preparations treated with mannitol suggests that the depression observed with the dantrolene was likely due to the mannitol that was included in the dantrolene formulation rather than to dantrolene sodium itself. We conclude that dantrolene sodium has no effect on the spontaneous contractility of uterine smooth muscle. The depression of uterine muscle activity observed with dantrolene for injection appears attributable to the mannitol.[1]


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