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Improving control of hypertension by an integrated approach -- results of the 'Manage it well!' programme.

BACKGROUND: Patient non-compliance is a significant contributor to poor blood pressure control. Although measures to improve compliance are known, they are not in routine use. OBJECTIVE: To apply measures based on current recommendations in an integrated approach in the 'Manage it well!' (MIW) programme, and to determine the improvement in blood pressure control. DESIGN AND SETTING: During the prospective open cohort study, 348 primary and 156 secondary care centres enrolled 6941 hypertensive patients and followed them for 6 months. INTERVENTIONS: An integrated intervention package also applicable to everyday practice was introduced to improve treatment adherence, including education programmes for patients and physicians, tight follow-up with frequent office visits and regular home blood pressure measurements. Treatment was based on either trandolapril or verapamil SR with dose titration, with added-on therapy if necessary. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Rates of control of blood pressure to < 140/90 mmHg. RESULTS: Data were evaluated from 5468 patients, 72% known to have hypertension and 26% newly diagnosed [2% not available (n.a.)]. At baseline only 2.9% of treated patients had their hypertension well controlled (< 140/90 mmHg), but during the programme this increased to 40.9% (P < 0.001). The absolute reduction in office blood pressure was also significant (from 168 +/- 19/97 +/- 11 mmHg to 139 +/- 13/83 +/- 7 mmHg; P < 0.001). No differences in blood pressure control were found between trandolapril and verapamil SR regimens. Office blood pressure was greater than home blood pressure at baseline (168 +/- 19/97 +/- 11 mmHg compared with 151 +/- 17/89 +/- 10 mmHg; P < 0.001), but this difference disappeared at 6 months (139 +/- 13/83 +/- 7 mmHg compared with 140 +/- 13/84 +/- 7 mmHg, respectively). CONCLUSIONS: The integrated, patient-focused approach used in the MIW programme significantly increases the success of treatment in a 'real-world' setting.[1]


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