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Cohort Studies

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Chemical compound and disease context of Cohort Studies


Biological context of Cohort Studies


Anatomical context of Cohort Studies


Associations of Cohort Studies with chemical compounds

  • DESIGN: Retrospective cohort study with serum folate levels measured from September 1970 to December 1972, with follow-up through 1985 [31].
  • DESIGN--Retrospective analysis of data from a prospective cohort study of patients treated with zidovudine [32].
  • DESIGN AND SETTING: Retrospective cohort study conducted at 2 anticoagulation clinics based in Seattle, Wash. PARTICIPANTS: Two hundred patients receiving long-term warfarin therapy for various indications during April 3, 1990, to May 31, 2001 [33].
  • DESIGN--Cross-sectional analysis of homocysteine levels and vitamin blood levels and intake in elderly participants in the Framingham Study. SETTING--Population-based cohort in Framingham, Mass. PARTICIPANTS--A total of 1160 adult survivors, aged 67 to 96 years, from the original Framingham Heart Study cohort [34].
  • DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS--The design was a prospective cohort study using data from the Physicians' Health Study, a randomized trial of aspirin and beta carotene among 22,071 US male physicians aged 40 to 84 years that began in 1982 [35].

Gene context of Cohort Studies

  • Moreover, R60S, a mutation in the first intracellular loop of CCR5 noted in a recent cohort study, likewise results in reduced surface expression and function of CCR5 [36].
  • This study investigates the influence of genetic variation of the estrogen receptor alpha (ESR1) gene locus on several bone parameters in 2042 individuals of The Rotterdam Study, a prospective population-based cohort study of elderly subjects [37].
  • Concurrent studies of Sm/IGF stimulation of 3H-thymidine incorporation revealed that these cells were most sensitive to Sm-C/IGF I, followed by IGF II and MSA, and insulin [38].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: We analyzed four variants of LRP5 and one amino acid variant of the LRP6 gene in a large prospective population-based cohort study of elderly subjects [39].
  • We conducted an association study between common polymorphisms in CLCN7 and haplotypes defined by these polymorphisms and BMD values at the lumbar spine and femoral neck in a population-based cohort study of 1077 Scottish women 45-55 years of age [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cohort Studies


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