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Treatment Refusal

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Disease relevance of Treatment Refusal


High impact information on Treatment Refusal

  • Two patients have died (14, 11.5 months) without evidence of tumor: one of uncontrolled endocrine dysfunction due to patient noncompliance, the other of hyperosmolar coma [5].
  • However, the burden of prolonged subcutaneous portable pump infusions, high cost, and patient noncompliance have prompted the development of new methods of administration and new formulations of DFO as well as oral iron chelators [6].
  • Less-expensive alternatives (eg, generic products, medroxyprogesterone acetate injection) should be advocated to deter patient noncompliance because of cost issues [7].
  • In one patient noncompliance after 6 weeks of therapy was associated with a rapid return of her serum prolactin towards pretreatment levels [8].
  • There are several explanations for the medication concentrations observed in these patients: (1) patient noncompliance in ingestion of prescribed medication; (2) altered drug utilization; (3) a mild focus which is maintained under control with lower DPH levels than those necessary to control a more active focus; or (4) epilepsy in remission [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Treatment Refusal


Gene context of Treatment Refusal

  • Factors associated with refractory renal disease in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: the role of patient nonadherence [15].
  • The objectives of this study were to examine the rate of noncompliance and to investigate the factors that are associated with patient noncompliance with the prescribed EPO regimen [16].
  • The mean anthropometric values in all three groups were lower that in the whole CF population followed in "continental" France. This may reflect the poor compliance and even the refusal of treatment noted by the clinicians [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Treatment Refusal


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