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Guided bone regeneration membrane made of polycaprolactone/calcium carbonate composite nano-fibers.

In this study, new type of guided bone regeneration (GBR) membranes were fabricated by polycaprolactone (PCL)/CaCO3 composite nano-fibers with two different PCL to calcium carbonate (CaCO3) ratios (PCL:CaCO3=75:25 wt% and 25:75 wt%). The composite nano-fibers were successfully fabricated by electrospinning method and CaCO3 nano-particles on the surface of nano-fibers were confirmed by energy disperse X-ray (EDX) analysis. In order to achieve mechanical stability of GBR membranes, composite nano-fibers were spun on PCL nano-fibrous membranes which has high tensile strength, i.e., the membranes consist of two layers of functional layer (PCL/CaCO3) and mechanical support layer (PCL). Two different GBR membranes were prepared, i.e., GBR membrane (A)=PCL:CaCO3=75:25 wt%+PCL, GBR membrane (B)=PCL:CaCO3=25:75 wt%+PCL. Osteoblast attachment and proliferation of GBR membrane (A) and (B) were discussed by MTS assay and scanning electron microscope (SEM) observation. As a result, absorbance intensity of GBR membrane (A) and tissue culture polystyrene (TCPS) increased during 5 days seeding time. In contrast, although absorbance intensity of GBR membrane (B) also increased, its value was lower than membrane (A). SEM observation showed that no significant difference in osteoblast attachment manner was seen on GBR membrane (A) and (B). Because of good cell attachment manner, there is a potential to utilize PCL/CaCO3 composite nano-fibers to GBR membranes.[1]


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