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Expression of mRNA for ROS-generating NADPH oxidases in the aging stomach.

Oxidative damage is thought to play a key role in the aging of various organ systems. In this study, we have therefore analyzed mRNA expression of ROS-generating NADPH oxidases in the aging stomach. Gastric biopsies of hospitalized geriatric patients were analyzed for histology (Sidney classification), and real-time PCR was used to quantify mRNA expression of the superoxide-generating NADPH oxidases NOX1, NOX2, and NOX5. We found that stomach biopsies of elderly patients expressed NOX5 and NOX2 mRNA, but not NOX1. The mRNA expression of NOX5 (a lymphocyte NADPH oxidase) neither depended on age nor on the results of the stomach histology. In contrast, mRNA expression of NOX2 (phagocyte NADPH oxidase) was a function of two variables. Increased NOX2 mRNA levels were observed in biopsies with signs of chronic inflammation (p=0.01). Interestingly, however, there was also an age-dependent increase in NOX2 mRNA levels (p=0.01). We conclude that in elderly patients the gastric mRNA expression of the ROS-generating enzyme NOX2 increases as a function of age, possibly contributing to stomach aging and gastric vulnerability of the elderly.[1]


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