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Role of prostaglandin F2 alpha in follicular development and subsequent luteal life span in early postpartum beef cows.

In postpartum cows expected to have corpora lutea (CL) of normal (norgestomet-treated) compared to short (control) life spans, function of the largest follicle increases after an increase in concentrations of prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF). To determine whether PGF alters follicular growth and subsequent life span of the CL, 43 crossbred beef cows (19 to 22 d postpartum) were assigned to one of four treatments: 1) control (C; n = 10), 2) control+PGF (CPGF; n = 10), 3) norgestomet (N; n = 13), 4) norgestomet+flunixin meglumine ( NFM; n = 10). Flunixin meglumine inhibits prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase. On day 0, N and NFM cows received a 6 mg implant of norgestomet. From days 3 through 8, CPGF and NFM cows were injected every 8 hr with 10 mg PGF im or 1 g FM iv, respectively. Implants were removed on day 9. On day 11, each cow received 1000 IU of hCG im to induce formation of CL. Follicular growth was monitored by daily ultrasonography from days 6 through 11. In a majority of the cases (25/32), the largest follicle present on day 6 was still the largest on day 11; frequency of persistence did not differ with treatment. Rate of growth of the largest follicle was greater in CPGF than in N cows (.6 +/- .1 vs .3 +/- .1 mm/d, respectively; P less than .05) but did not differ between C and NFM cows (.4 +/- .1 and .5 +/- .1 mm/d, respectively). Concentrations of estradiol in NFM cows were higher (P less than .05) on day 3 and declined to concentrations similar to those of the other treatments on day 9.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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