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Chemical Compound Review

NORGESTOMET     [(9S,11S,14S,17R)-17- ethanoyl-11,13...

Synonyms: AC1L1OFI, LS-97384, FT-0673096, SC 21009, Norprogesterone, ...
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Disease relevance of SC 21009

  • These data indicate that norgestomet implants increased rate of weight gain, reduced estrous activity, and reduced the occurrence of pregnancy in heifers on pasture [1].
  • Heifers with Norgestomet implants had higher body weight gains during the last 66 days (P < 0.05), and during the entire 122-day trial (P < 0.07) than heifers with placebo implants [2].
  • In MCF-7 breast cancer cell bioassays, norgestomet showed weak estrogenic activity, but only at concentrations greater than 1 micromolar [3].
  • Dystocia (P < 0.05), retention of fetal membranes (P < 0.01), and calf mortality (P < 0.01) were higher for the ovariectomized heifers with norgestomet implants than for the control heifers [4].

High impact information on SC 21009

  • In experiment 1, 16 cycling cows received a norgestomet ear implant at proestrus (Day 1) for 9 days to mimic the subluteal phase [5].
  • On Day 7 (Day 0 = behavioral estrus), implants containing norgestomet were inserted, and they remained in place for 10 days [6].
  • Controls were treated with 25 mg PGF2 alpha at the time norgestomet implants were removed from heifers of the other treatment groups [6].
  • At 17-25 days postpartum in experiments 1, 2, and 3, suckled beef cows were assigned at random to receive 6 mg norgestomet, via ear-implant, for 9 days (NOR) or to serve as controls (CON) [7].
  • At 19 to 23 days postpartum, cows were allotted to receive a norgestomet implant for 9 days (normal luteal phase) or to serve as untreated controls (short luteal phase) [8].

Biological context of SC 21009


Anatomical context of SC 21009

  • Follicles from norgestomet-treated cows were heavier (p less than 0.01) than follicles from control cows, mostly due to greater amounts of follicular fluid (p less than 0.01) [10].
  • In control cows (N = 5) induced to ovulate at Day 28 to 36 post partum by injection of 1000 i.u. hCG, corpora lutea had an average lifespan of only 8 days [14].
  • Cows in the normal cycle group (n = 5; control) and the normal cycle/endometrium group (n = 10) received norgestomet implants for 9 days beginning 21-23 days post partum and calves were weaned at implant insertion [15].
  • Short term treatment with progesterone 7 days before the end of a 17 day period of norgestomet treatment resulted in precise synchrony of ovulation without the ovulation of a persistent dominant ovarian follicle [16].
  • Most oocytes were degenerate in Norgestomet-implanted animals [17].

Associations of SC 21009 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of SC 21009

  • On Day 5 (Short d 5 and Norgestomet d 5) or Day 16 (Norgestomet d 16) following first postpartum estrus, each animal was injected (i.v.) with 100 IU oxytocin [23].
  • As expected, the proportion of anoestrous cows that formed a corpus luteum with a normal lifespan was greater (P < 0.01) in cows treated with norgestomet (Expt 1, 17 of 24; Expt 2, 18 of 22) than in control cows (Expt 1, 2 of 16; Expt 2, 3 of 18) [24].
  • Lengths of luteal phases (days; mean +/- SEM) were 8.4 +/- 0.7 (group 1, saline), 14.1 +/- 1.0 (group 2, rboIFN-alpha I1), 18.6 +/- 1.3 (group 3, norgestomet-saline) and 20.8 +/- 1.2 (group 4, norgestomet-rboIFN-alpha I1) [11].
  • On day 0, N and NFM cows received a 6 mg implant of norgestomet [25].
  • In summary, ergotamine lowered prolactin and elevated PGFM concentrations in follicular phase heifers and cows on norgestomet therapy [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SC 21009


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