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A screen for genes regulating the wingless gradient in Drosophila embryos.

During the development of the Drosophila embryonic epidermis, the secreted Wingless protein initially spreads symmetrically from its source. At later stages, Wingless becomes asymmetrically distributed in a Hedgehog-dependent manner, to control the patterning of the embryonic epidermis. When Wingless is misexpressed in engrailed cells in hedgehog heterozygous mutant embryos, larvae show a dominant phenotype consisting of patches of naked cuticle in denticle belts. This dose-sensitive phenotype is a direct consequence of a change in Wg protein distribution. We used this phenotype to carry out a screen for identifying genes regulating Wingless distribution or transport in the embryonic epidermis. Using a third chromosome deficiency collection, we found several genomic regions that showed a dominant interaction. After using a secondary screen to test for mutants and smaller deficiencies, we identified three interacting genes: dally, notum, and brahma. We confirmed that dally, as well as its homolog dally-like, and notum affect Wingless distribution in the embryonic epidermis, directly or indirectly. Thus, our assay can be used effectively to screen for genes regulating Wingless distribution or transport.[1]


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