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Cross-talk between JIP3 and JIP1 during glucose deprivation: SEK1-JNK2 and Akt1 act as mediators.

We have previously observed that glucose deprivation activates the ASK1-MEK-MAPK signal transduction pathway. In the present study, we reveal that two scaffolding proteins, JIP1 and JIP3, have a cross-talk that leads to the regulation of the ASK1-SEK1-JNK signal during glucose deprivation. Glucose deprivation rapidly increases the interaction between ASK1 and JIP3, and the consequently activated ASK1 phosphorylates SEK1 on the Thr-261 residue. The activated SEK1 dissociates from JIP3 and phosphorylates JNK2 on the Tyr-185 residue. Phosphorylated JNK2 binds to JIP1, and the phosphorylation of the Thr-183 residue of JNK2 occurs. JNK2 phosphorylates JIP1 on the Thr-103 residue and leads to dissociation of Akt1 from JIP1. Dissociated Akt1 binds to SEK1 and ASK1 and inhibits their enzyme activity by phosphorylating SEK1 on the Ser-80 residue and ASK1 on the Ser-83 residue. Taken together, our data demonstrate that cross-talk between JIP3 and JIP1 is mediated through SEK1-JNK2 and Akt1.[1]


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