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Ectopic pregnancy with postcoital contraception--a case report.

The incidence of ectopic pregnancies is increasing. Common risk factors are tubal pathology, previous tubal surgery, previous ectopic pregnancy, intrauterine device use and embryo transfer. Levonelle-2, a progesterone-only postcoital contraceptive works by a combination of mechanisms including ovulation inhibition, prevention of fertilization, and inhibition of implantation. It is 85% effective and there have been 12 reported cases of ectopic pregnancy in the UK with its use. It is believed that progesterone slows the intratubal migration of the fertilized ovum. In the case reported here, a woman presented with an ectopic pregnancy after use of Levonelle-2 as postcoital contraception; there were no clinical predisposing risk factors. In the absence of any histological evidence of tubal damage, we suspect that the levonorgestrel from Levonelle-2 could have been responsible for delayed embryo transfer which resulted in the ectopic pregnancy.[1]


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