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Mannosylated niosomes as carrier adjuvant system for topical immunization.

The aim of this study was to develop mannosylated niosomes as a topical vaccine delivery carrier and adjuvant for the induction of both humoral and cellular immunity. Bovine serum albumin (BSA)-loaded niosomes composed of sorbitan monostearate/sorbitan trioleate (Span 60/Span 85), cholesterol and stearylamine as constitutive lipids were prepared by the reverse-phase evaporation method. The niosomes were coated with a modified polysaccharide O-palmitoyl mannan (OPM) to target them to Langerhan's cells, the major antigen presenting cells found in abundance beneath the stratum corneum. Prepared niosomes were characterized in-vitro for their size, shape, entrapment efficiency and ligand binding specificity. The immune stimulating activity was studied by measuring serum IgG titre and its subclasses (IgG2a/IgG1 ratio) following topical application of various niosomal formulations in albino rats. The results were compared with alum-adsorbed BSA following topical application and intramuscular injection. It was observed that niosomal formulations elicited a significantly higher serum IgG titre upon topical application as compared with topically applied alum adsorbed BSA (P<0.05). The serum IgG levels were significantly higher for the mannosylated niosomes as compared with plain uncoated niosomes (P<0.05). All formulations displayed a combined serum IgG2a/IgG1 response, which suggested that the formulations were capable of eliciting both humoral and cellular responses. The study signified the potential of OPM-coated niosomes as a topical vaccine delivery carrier and adjuvant. The proposed system would be simple, stable, and cost effective and might be clinically acceptable.[1]


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