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Genomic analysis of Oenococcus oeni PSU-1 and its relevance to winemaking.

Oenococcus oeni is an acidophilic member of the Leuconostoc branch of lactic acid bacteria indigenous to wine and similar environments. O. oeni is commonly responsible for the malolactic fermentation in wine and due to its positive contribution is frequently used as a starter culture to promote malolactic fermentation. In collaboration with the Lactic Acid Bacteria Genome Consortium the genome sequence of O. oeni PSU-1 has been determined. The complete genome is 1,780,517 nt with a GC content of 38%. 1701 ORFs could be predicted from the sequence of which 75% were functionally classified. Consistent with its classification as an obligately heterofermentative lactic acid bacterium the PSU-1 genome encodes all the enzymes for the phosphoketolase pathway. Moreover, genes related to flavor modification in wine, such as malolactic fermentation capacity and citrate utilization were readily identified. The completion of the O. oeni genome marks a significant new phase for wine-related research on lactic acid bacteria in which the physiology, genetic diversity and performance of O. oeni starter cultures can be more rigorously examined.[1]


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