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Enzymatic metabolism of ergosterol by cytochrome p450scc to biologically active 17alpha,24-dihydroxyergosterol.

We demonstrate the metabolism of ergosterol by cytochrome P450scc in either a reconstituted system or isolated adrenal mitochondria. The major reaction product was identified as 17alpha,24-dihydroxyergosterol. Purified P450scc also generated hydroxyergosterol as a minor product, which is probably an intermediate in the synthesis of 17alpha,24-dihydroxyergosterol. In contrast to cholesterol and 7-dehydrocholesterol, cleavage of the ergosterol side chain was not observed. NMR analysis clearly located one hydroxyl group to C24, with evidence that the second hydroxyl group is at C17. 17alpha,24-Dihydroxyergosterol inhibited cell proliferation of HaCaT keratinocytes and melanoma cells. Thus, in comparison with cholesterol and 7-dehydrocholesterol, the 24-methyl group and the C22-C23 double bond of ergosterol prevent side chain cleavage by P450scc and change the enzyme's hydroxylase activity from C22 and C20, to C24 and C17, generating bioactive product.[1]


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