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Effects of endothelin-1 on melanocyte adhesion and migration.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of endothelin-1 (ET-1) on the adhesion and migration of melanocyte in vitro. METHODS: Human epidermal melanocytes that had been cultured and purified were treated with ET-1 and observed for adhesion to bovine serum fibronectin-coated culture dishes. Stem cell factor (SCF) and ET-1 treated cells were also examined for migration into micropore filters coated with the same protein. RESULTS: Compared with the SCF group, ET-1 treated melanocytes were easier to adhere to the dishes and to be moved into the filters, especially when the concentration was 32 nmol/L. When the concentration of ET-1 was 128 nmol/L or more, it could inhibit the adhesion and migration of melanocyte. At any concentration of ET-1 except at 2 nmol/L, there was a significant difference between ET-1-treated and untreated melanocytes (P < 0.01) when the adhesion test was carried out. However, even at 2 nmol/ L ET-1, there was obviously increased migration compared with those of ET-1 untreated melanocytes and SCF-treated cells (P < 0.01). CONCLUSION: ET-1 may influence the adhesion and migration of melanocyte, which can partly explain the capacity of ET-1 to regulate the melanocyte function in vitiligo lesions.[1]


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