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Gene Review

EDN1  -  endothelin 1

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of EDN1


Psychiatry related information on EDN1


High impact information on EDN1


Chemical compound and disease context of EDN1


Biological context of EDN1


Anatomical context of EDN1


Associations of EDN1 with chemical compounds


Enzymatic interactions of EDN1

  • This study shows that both PPAR-alpha (Wy 14643) and PPAR-gamma activation (rosiglitazone) partially inhibit oxidized LDL-induced protein kinase C activity and endothelin-1 secretion in endothelial cells at the transcriptional levels and suggests that synthetic PPAR activators are stronger PPAR activators than oxidized LDL [25].

Regulatory relationships of EDN1


Other interactions of EDN1

  • EC cocultured with concanavalin A-activated PBMC (ActPBMC) increased CCL2 secretion an average of 12-fold higher compared with controls (P < 0.05), but again, EDN1 secretion was unchanged (P > 0.05) [23].
  • Thus, we investigated the local secretion of PGF(2alpha), ET-1, and Ang II in the corpus luteum (CL) and their real-time relationships during spontaneous luteolysis in the cow [16].
  • These findings suggest that the vasodilating property of parathyroid hormone-related protein may be mediated in part through its inhibitory effect on endothelin-1 production, which is probably mediated through nitric oxide and cGMP in endothelial cells [28].
  • It is concluded that arginine vasopressin and angiotensin II stimulate the release of endothelin-1 by a common mechanism, involving receptor-mediated mobilization of intracellular Ca2+ and activation of protein kinase C in endothelial cells [30].
  • The effects of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) on the production of the vasoactive substances nitric oxide (NO) and endothelin-1 (ET-1) were investigated in cerebrovascular cells in culture [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of EDN1


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