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Impaired hepatocyte survival and liver regeneration in Atm-deficient mice.

Atm is a stress-induced DNA damage checkpoint protein kinase with multiple roles in cell-cycle progression. Recent evidence indicates that Atm also plays a role in stem cell maintenance and self-renewal. It is not known whether Atm has a role during tissue regeneration. Using liver regeneration as a model system, we examined the role of Atm in this process. Here, we show that the expression levels of Atm protein were gradually increased during liver regeneration and this was correlated with the onset of DNA replication. The induction of Stat3 and JNK signaling, which are essential processes in normal regeneration response, was attenuated during the early phases of liver regeneration in Atm-deficient mice. P53 was transiently phosphorylated at serine 23 during liver regeneration in an Atm-dependent manner. In addition, we found that cyclin A induction was delayed and p21 was over-expressed, both of these processes were correlated with reduced and delayed DNA replication in Atm(-/-) mice during liver regeneration. Finally, we show that increased apoptosis was observed in Atm(-/-) mice in response to partial hepatectomy, indicating that Atm is required for the survival of hepatocytes. Collectively, these data indicate that liver regeneration is impaired in Atm-deficient mice. Given that liver is the first line of defense against environmental toxins, the elucidation of the function of Atm and Atm-mediated signaling pathways in liver metabolism and in response to environmental toxins is of fundamental interest.[1]


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