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In situ detection of oxidative stress in rat hepatocytes.

In rat hepatocytes in primary culture incubated with nitro blue tetrazolium, formazan content was increased by addition of t-butyl hydroperoxide, a potent oxidant, in a dose-related manner, but not by addition of valinomycin, which kills hepatocytes through mitochondrial damage. This increment after t-butyl hydroperoxide addition was not seen in hepatocytes preincubated with deferoxamine mesylate, a ferric iron chelator which inhibits radical formation. Liver perfusion with nitro blue tetrazolium and t-butyl hydroperoxide in rats produced formazan deposition faintly on the surface of hepatocytes throughout the liver and prominently in the cytoplasm of some hepatocytes, which was attenuated when performed following deferoxamine mesylate perfusion. When liver perfusion with nitro blue tetrazolium was performed in carbon tetrachloride-intoxicated rats, formazan deposition appeared diffusely in hepatocytes in the centrilobular areas. Similar deposition was also observed on the surface and in the cytoplasm of hepatocytes in the periportal and mid-zonal areas in rats undergoing post-ischaemic reperfusion. Liver perfusion with nitro blue tetrazolium can detect in situ oxidative stress in hepatocytes and may be a useful tool for studying the role of lipid peroxidation in rat liver injury.[1]


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