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Chemical Compound Review

Desferal     N-[5-[3-(5-aminopentyl- hydroxy...

Synonyms: Desferan, Desferex, Desferin, Desferral, deferoxamine, ...
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Disease relevance of Deferrioxamine B


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Chemical compound and disease context of Deferrioxamine B


Biological context of Deferrioxamine B

  • Significantly lower doses of deferoxamine were being taken by patients without abnormalities than by those with visual symptoms, abnormal audiograms, or prolonged evoked potentials (P less than 0.001, less than 0.006, and less than 0.04, respectively) [3].
  • Beginning chelation treatment with deferoxamine before the age of puberty can help children with transfusion-dependent thalassemia major to attain normal sexual maturation [18].
  • The half-life of NOS mRNA appeared not to be significantly altered by administration of ferric ion, and NOS mRNA stability was only slightly prolonged by desferrioxamine treatment [19].
  • Both compounds activate NOS by limiting the availability of iron: their stimulating effects on NO synthesis and inhibiting action on cell proliferation are reverted by iron supplementation with ferric nitrilotriacetate, and are mimicked by incubation with desferrioxamine [20].
  • These macromolecular forms of deferoxamine do not cause detectable decreases in blood pressure of experimental animals, even when administered intravenously in very large doses, and persist in circulation much longer than the free drug [21].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Deferrioxamine B


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