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Acute pancreatitis subsequent to voluntary methomyl and dichlorvos intoxication.

INTRODUCTION: Acute pancreatitis subsequent to methomyl (Lannate) had not been reported until 2005, when Markides published the first case. In our study, we report for the first time 2 cases of acute pancreatitis complicating voluntary methomyl intoxication and compare them with 5 cases of pancreatitis subsequent to dichlorvos poisoning admitted to our toxicological unit during the same period, between July 2001 and June 2003. CASE REPORTS: Patients included in this study were seriously poisoned because all developed muscarinic and nicotinic syndromes. Deep coma and respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation were noted in all methomyl-poisoned patients and in only 3 dichlorvos-poisoned patients. Acute pancreatitis occurred 24 to 72 hours after dosing and was characterized by painless abdominal paralytic ileus and vomiting. Clinical features and laboratory examinations were normalized by the fifth day under medical treatment. Complications such as intrapancreatic fluid collection occurred later between days 10 and 20 in 1 methomyl-poisoned patient who required secondary surgical drainage and in 1 dichlorvos-poisoned patient who was treated conservatively. Outcome was favorable in all cases. CONCLUSION: The developing of acute pancreatitis is a serious adverse effect following insecticide intoxication and is better known with dichlorvos than methomyl.[1]


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