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Cloning, characterization and tissue expression of rat SULT2B1a and SULT2B1b steroid/sterol sulfotransferase isoforms: divergence of the rat SULT2B1 gene structure from orthologous human and mouse genes.

cDNAs for rat SULT2B1 steroid/sterol sulfotransferase isoforms were cloned, and the encoded proteins overexpressed, purified and characterized. The rat SULT2B1a isoform avidly sulfonates pregnenolone but poorly utilizes cholesterol as a substrate, whereas cholesterol is more efficiently sulfonated than pregnenolone by the SULT2B1b isoform; on the other hand, neither isoform sulfonates dehydroepiandrosterone to any significant degree. Real-time PCR revealed that SULT2B1a was only expressed in brain and testis, whereas SULT2B1b was mainly expressed in skin, intestine and kidney. The SULT2B1 gene is unique among steroid/sterol sulfotransferase genes in that it encodes for two isoforms as a result of an alternative exon I. Interestingly, whereas the orthologous human and mouse SULT2B1 gene structures are identical, the rat SULT2B1 gene structure diverges. Similar to human and mouse SULT2B1 genes the rat SULT2B1 gene consists of an alternative exon I; however, as a result of exonic rearrangement, the genic locations of exons IA and IB are reversed in the rat gene. Where exon IA is located downstream of exon IB in the human and mouse SULT2B1 genes, in the rat SULT2B1 gene exon IA is located upstream of exon IB. Furthermore, unlike the case with human and mouse SULT2B1 genes where differential splicing is necessitated since a portion of exon IA is fused with exon IB to complete the SULT2B1b mRNA, this step is not required with the rat gene.[1]


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