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Digital volume tomography: radiologic examinations of the temporal bone.

OBJECTIVE: We evaluated the clinical applicability and the value of digital volume tomography for visualization of the lateral skull base using temporal bone specimens. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twelve temporal bone specimens were used to evaluate digital volume tomography on the lateral skull base. Aside from the initial examination of the temporal bones, radiologic control examinations were performed after insertion of titanium, gold, and platinum middle-ear implants and a cochlear implant. RESULTS: With high-resolution and almost artifact-free visualization of alloplastic middle-ear implants of titanium, gold, or platinum, it was possible to define the smallest bone structures or position of the prosthesis with high precision. Furthermore, the examination proved that digital volume tomography is useful in assessing the normal position of a cochlear implant. CONCLUSION: Digital volume tomography expands the application of diagnostic possibilities in the lateral skull base. Therefore, we believe improved preoperative diagnosis can be achieved along with more accurate planning of the surgical procedure. Digital volume tomography delivers a small radiation dose and a high resolution coupled with a low purchase price for the equipment.[1]


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