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Candidate gene polymorphism in cardiovascular disease: the BIP cohort.

BACKGROUND: Cardiovascular disease is now well established as a multifactorial disease. In a given individual, the level of cardiovascular risk is due to the interaction between genetic and environmental components. The BIP cohort comprises 3000 patients with cardiovascular disease who were tested for the benefits of bezafibrate treatment. This cohort has the data for the lipid profile of each individual, fibrinogen, insulin, as well as clinical, demographic and lifestyle parameters. OBJECTIVES: To genotype up to 64 variable sites in 36 genes in the BIP cohort. The genes tested in this assay are involved in pathways implicated in the development and progression of atherosclerotic plaques, lipid and homocystein metabolism, blood pressure regulation, thrombosis, rennin-angiotensin system, platelet aggregation, and leukocyte adhesion. METHODS: DNA was extracted from 1000 Israeli patients from the BIP cohort. A multilocus assay, developed by the Roche Molecular System, was used for genotyping. Allele frequencies for some of the markers were compared to the published frequencies in a healthy population (the French Stanislas cohort, n = 1480). RESULTS: Among the 26 comparable alleles checked in the two cohorts, 16 allele frequencies were significantly different from the healthy French population: ApoE(E3, E2, E4), ApoB (71ile), ApoC (3482T, 455C, 1100T, 3175G, 3206G), CETP(405val), ACE (Del), AGT (235thr), ELAM (128arg); P < 0001 and LPL (93G, 291Ser, 447ter); P < 005. CONCLUSIONS: Although a comparable healthy Israeli population study is needed for more precise interpretation of these results, frequency differences in these polymorphic alleles--associated with lipid metabolism, renin-angiotensin system and leukocyte adhesion mechanism--between CVD patients and healthy individuals nevertheless implicate these candidate genes as predisposing for CVD.[1]


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