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The role of tachykinins in circular muscle contractility of the murine ileum: a functional investigation.

We investigated the participation of different tachykinin receptors in contractility of circular muscle strips of the mouse ileum using selective NK receptor agonists and antagonists. The NK1 receptor agonist septide (1-100 nM) induced dose-dependent contractions which were reduced by atropine and augmented by L-NNA. L-NNA increased and TTX consecutively reduced contractions to the NK2 receptor agonist beta-A-NKA (1-100 nM). Senktide, agonist of NK3 receptors, failed to induce contractions. NANC contractions to EFS were decreased after NK1 receptor blockade with RP67580. This inhibitory effect was more pronounced after additional blockade of NK2 and NK3 receptors. NK3 receptor antagonism alone reduced contractions at higher frequencies of stimulation. When the duration of the EFS stimulus was increased, the participation of all NK receptor subtypes became more evident. Our results suggest that excitatory NANC transmission in the circular muscle layer of the mouse ileum is mediated by tachykinins acting principally on NK1 receptors on cholinergic nerves and smooth muscle cells. Also NK2 receptors, located on smooth muscle cells and nitrergic neurons, and NK3 receptors on enteric neurons are involved.[1]


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