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Nitrergic Neurons

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Disease relevance of Nitrergic Neurons


High impact information on Nitrergic Neurons

  • Pharmacological studies of nitrergic gastric function were performed in controls, in patients with presumed PD, and in patients with UD using sumatriptan, an activator of nitrergic neurons, and amylnitrite, a nitric oxide donor [2].
  • Here, we show that perivascular nitrergic nerves around the cerebral arteries degenerate in two phases in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats [3].
  • In particular, we have identified three brainstem populations of nitrergic neurons, which suggests that nitric oxide may co-localise with 5-HT, NA and GABA [4].
  • These observations suggest that 6-nitronorepinephrine generated in nuclei containing both adrenergic and nitrergic neurons inhibits NE inactivation [5].
  • These observations raise the possibility that periventricular nitrergic neurons play an essential role in registering the composition of the CSF and in modulating subcortical cerebral blood flow [6].

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