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Expression of the actin stress fiber-associated protein CLP36 in the human placenta.

Differentiation processes in the trophoblast comprise polarization, cell fusion and migration. All these processes involve dramatic reorganizations of cytoskeletal proteins such as intermediate filaments or actin. Due to very restricted knowledge on cytoskeletal changes in trophoblast, we analyzed the protein expression of an actin stress fiber-associated protein, the carboxy-terminal LIM domain protein (CLP36). CLP36 belongs to the enigma family of proteins, binds to alpha-actinin and is involved in the cytoskeletal reorganization and signal transduction of a variety of cells. CLP36 protein was found to be exclusively expressed in the cytotrophoblast layer. Colocalization of CLP36 with Mib-1 revealed that CLP36 protein expression is restricted to proliferative and early post-proliferative trophoblast cells. Blockage of syncytial fusion by culture of villous explants in the presence of caspase 8 inhibitors further supported this notion since CLP36 was only found in the basal and proliferative layer of the multilayered cytotrophoblast. We present evidence for the exclusive protein expression of CLP36 in proliferative and early post-proliferative trophoblast cells. Pathological pregnancy syndromes such as preeclampsia are driven by alterations of trophoblast differentiation and turnover, where it needs to be elucidated whether CLP36 is involved in these alterations.[1]


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