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Endoprosthesis implantation at the pharyngo-esophageal level: Problems, limitations and challenges.

AIM: To present our experience with endoscopic placement of an esophageal endoprosthesis in 19 patients. METHODS: A retrospective evaluation was made for the use of 19 stents positioned at the level of the cervical esophagus: 11 for malignant tumours (7 causing obstruction, 4 complicated by an esophago -tracheal or -cutaneous fistula), and 8 for an acquired benign tracheo-esophageal fistula due to prolonged intubation. The covered Ultraflex stent was used in all cases except two. These two patients had an esophagocutaneous fistula following laryngectomy and a Flamingo Wall stent was used. RESULTS: Stent implantation was technically successful in all patients. Dysphagia score was improved from 3 to 2 in stenosis patients, while sealing of the fistula was achieved in all cases. The median hospital stay was 3 d for malignant tumour patients and 13.5 d for esophagocutaneous fistula patients. One Ultraflex stent and two Flamingo Wall stents were easily removed 33 d and 3 months respectively after implantation when the fistulas had totally occluded. CONCLUSION: Endoprosthesis implantation for malignancy and/or fistula of malignant or benign origin at the level of the cervical esophagus is an easy, well tolerated, safe and effective procedure with no complications or mortality.[1]


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