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Prognostic value of the apoptosis related genes BCL2 and BCL2L12 in breast cancer.

Many members of BCL2 (Bcl-2) apoptosis-related genes were found to be differentially expressed in various malignancies and were proposed as prognostic cancer biomarkers. Recently, a new member of the BCL2 gene family, BCL2L12, was cloned and was found to be expressed in mammary gland. In the present study, 55 specimens from patients with, histologically confirmed, epithelial breast carcinoma were analyzed for BCL2 and BCL2L12 gene expression by RT-PCR. Increased expression of BCL2 gene was found in patients belonging to the age groups <45 or >55 years, as well as in estrogen receptors (ER)-positive patients and in BCL2L12-positive tumors. In addition, BCL2 or BCL2L12-positive patients were found to be almost four times less likely to relapse or die in comparison to BCL2 or BCL2L12-negative patients, respectively. Multivariate analysis revealed that BCL2 and BCL2L12 might be used as independent prognostic biomarkers in breast cancer.[1]


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