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Effects of cycloheximide on virus RNA replication in an inducible line of polyoma-transformed rat cells.

In this article, we describe two distinct effects of cycloheximide (CH), a potent inhibitior of protein synthesis, on the replication of polyoma virus (PV) DNA in an inducible line of PV-transformed rat cells (LPT cells). Exposure of LPT cells to CH causes up to an 8 fold increase in the cellular concentration of PV DNA determined by molecular hybridization. The same treatment inhibits cell division and chromosomal DNA replication. However, the amount of chromosomal DNA per cell is not affected by the drug. In LPT cells treated with mitomycin C (MMC), PV DNA replication is enhanced after 7 hr. During the period extending from 7 hr to 24 hr, the concentration of virus DNA increases at least 100 fold. CH added to the cells 0-7 hr after treatment with MMC inhibits the replication of PV DNA by 90-100%. The inhibition is less effective in cells exposed to CH from 7 hr and on. The inhibitory effect is reversible: virus DNA synthesis is resumed after removal of CH from the growth medium. Thus CH acts as an inducer of virus DNA synthesis in cells whose resident viral genome is repressed, but inhibits the autonomous replication of the activated genome following induction with MMC.[1]


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