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Delayed allergic reaction to suxamethonium driven by oligoclonal Th1-skewed CD4+CCR4+IFN-gamma+ memory T cells.

BACKGROUND: Muscle relaxants represent the drugs most frequently involved in intraoperative anaphylaxis during surgical procedures. Our aim was to report the case of a delayed reaction to suxamethonium and analyze specific T cell lines with regard to their specificity, phenotype and cytokine profile. METHODS: We generated a drug-specific T cell line from a biopsy at the site of positive intradermal reactions and analyzed the immunophenotype, T cell receptor Vbeta domain expression and cytokine profile. RESULTS: T cells isolated from positive intradermal test reactions to suxamethonium showed a strict dose-dependent proliferation in response to drug-pulsed autologous antigen-presenting cells. The drug-specific CD4+ T cells were oligoclonal memory CD3+CD4+ T cells and expressed the skin homing receptors cutaneous lymphocyte antigen (CLA) and CCR4. Furthermore CD4+ suxamethonium-reactive T cell lines were IFN-gamma-positive and synthesized high levels of IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha. CONCLUSION: The study describes a delayed hypersensitivity to suxamethonium, driven by an oligoclonal T helper cell 1-skewed CD4+ memory T cell population, expressing the skin homing receptors CLA and CCR4.[1]


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