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Dynamic expression pattern of Nodal-related genes during left-right development in medaka.

Nodal-related genes have been implicated in mesendoderm induction, establishment of embryonic axes, neural patterning and left-right development among vertebrates. Here we report the isolation of three Nodal-related genes in medaka (Oryzias latipes). Based on sequence analysis and in accordance to zebrafish orthologues we named the isolated genes Ndr1, Ndr2 and Spaw. Gene expression analysis throughout medaka development confirmed this assignment. Ndr1 and Ndr2 are detectable during gastrulation whereas Ndr2 and Spaw are expressed asymmetrically during somitogenesis. In accordance with its zebrafish orthologue, Spaw is expressed as the first asymmetric marker in the left lateral plate mesoderm (LPM) and Ndr2 displays asymmetric expression domains in the brain and the LPM. In general, the spatial distribution of Nodal transcripts resembles those reported for zebrafish, in case of Ndr2, however, we report a novel left-right asymmetry in the posterior paraxial mesoderm flanking the Kupffer's vesicle.[1]


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