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RA domain-mediated interaction of Cdc35 with Ras1 is essential for increasing cellular cAMP level for Candida albicans hyphal development.

Many Ras GTPases activate their effectors through binding at a conserved Ras association (RA) domain. An example is the activation of the budding yeast adenylate cyclase Cyr1 by Ras1 and Ras2. Candida albicans Ras1 is speculated to similarly activate Cdc35, the orthologue of Cyr1, for hyphal development. Here, we have investigated whether the RA domain mediates Ras1-Cdc35 interaction and how this interaction regulates cAMP levels and morphogenesis. Yeast two-hybrid assays suggested that Ras1 interacts only with the RA but not any other identifiable domains of Cdc35. The Ras1-RA interaction was further confirmed by in vitro binding assays of purified RA domain and Ras1 and by co-immunoprecipitation of Ras1 and Cdc35 from cell lysates. Substituting Ala for the conserved residue K(338) or L(349) in the RA domain or deleting the RA domain abolished the Ras1-RA or Ras1-Cdc35 interactions. cdc35 mutants with the RA domain deleted or carrying K388A or L349A mutation exhibited rather normal yeast growth but were completely defective in hyphal morphogenesis. Further, the mutants contained nearly wild-type levels of cAMP during yeast growth but were unable to increase it upon hyphal induction. These results suggest an essential role for the RA-mediated Ras1-Cdc35 interaction in raising cellular cAMP levels for hyphal morphogenesis.[1]


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