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Structural changes inducted by follicle-stimulating hormone or dibutyryl cyclic AMP on presumptive Sertoli cells in culture.

Cells isolated from testes of 20-day-old rats, maintained in primary culture in a defined medium, are shown to respond to follicle-stimulating hormone or 3:5-cyclic AMP with characteristic morphological changes. No response is observed in cells treated with luteinizing hormone or 5-?AMP. The cells form a mono-layer, and have been identified as presumptive Sertoli cells structurally by identification of unique tight junctions in electron micrographs of the preparations, along with other ultrastructural properties characteristic of Sertoli cells in situ. These cells do not undergo mitosis. The presumptive Sertoli cells are shown to be morphologically and functionally different from peritubular fibroblasts grown in parallel cultures. Fibroblasts have high rates of mitosis, do not respond to follicle-stimulating hormone, and frequently form multilayers. Other information on the biochemical responses of the cells is cited, which supports the conclusion that the cultured cell preparations consist primarily of Sertoli cells.[1]


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