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The effect of acarbose on the food intake, weight gain, and adiposity of LA/N-cp rats.

1. Groups of lean and obese LA/N-cp rats were administered the intestinal glucosidase inhibitor acarbose at 150 or 300 mg/kg diet from 7 until 17 weeks of age and the effects of the drug on food intake patterns and adiposity determined. 2. Dose related effects on body weights, adiposity and feed efficiency ratio were observed (control greater than 150 mg greater than 300 mg drug/kg diet) following treatment in both phenotypes, with the greatest differences observed in the obese phenotype. 3. Acarbose at both dosages was associated with phenotype-specific alterations in food intake amount and feeding pattern, resulting in an attenuation of age-associated increases in food intake. The feed efficiency ratio decreased in both phenotypes, and approached normally fed lean controls in obese rats administered the greater dosage. 4. These results indicate that patterns of food intake and weight gain differ markedly between lean and obese rats of this strain, and acarbose brings about a dose-related attenuation of developing food intake patterns in both phenotypes and which are associated with decreases in weight gain and adiposity. Thus, this drug may have therapeutic potential as an adjunct agent in the treatment of obesity and/or other disorders of carbohydrate intolerance.[1]


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