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Disease relevance of Adiposity


Psychiatry related information on Adiposity


High impact information on Adiposity


Chemical compound and disease context of Adiposity


Biological context of Adiposity


Anatomical context of Adiposity


Associations of Adiposity with chemical compounds

  • A positive association between adiposity and plasma estrogen levels in postmenopausal women has been reported consistently [29].
  • During fasting conditions, however, rates of FFA uptake across the leg were negatively correlated with visceral adiposity as were activities of muscle carnitine palmitoyl transferase and citrate synthase [30].
  • The degree of adiposity and serum are important regulators of HR activity, whereas insulin is stimulatory only at a pharmacologic concentration [31].
  • Overall, testosterone was associated inversely with HDL cholesterol and apo A-I in white boys, while progesterone was related positively to apo A-I in both races after adjusting for age and adiposity [32].
  • Adiponectin, the most abundant adipose-specific protein, has been found to be negatively associated with degree of adiposity and positively associated with insulin sensitivity in Pima Indians and other populations [33].

Gene context of Adiposity

  • There was a significant increase in adipose TNF mRNA levels with increasing adiposity [34].
  • Within each decade, plasma SmC was inversely related to adiposity [35].
  • CONCLUSIONS/INTERPRETATION: We confirmed that adipocyte 11beta-HSD1 mRNA concentrations were associated with adiposity, and showed that genetic variations in the HSD11B1 gene were associated with Type 2 diabetes mellitus, plasma insulin concentrations and insulin action, independent of obesity [36].
  • Pomc gene delivery decreased visceral adiposity and induced uncoupling protein 1 in brown adipose tissue in aged rats [4].
  • Adiponectin in youth: relationship to visceral adiposity, insulin sensitivity, and beta-cell function [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Adiposity


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